Zhanna Yenikieieva

Product Manager, Bakotech

Hey there! Excited to connect with you!
I'm Zhanna, a passionate supporter of product development. I have a strong affinity for strategy and all the details it involves.

Feel free to drop me a message if you're for a chat about future growth opportunities. Let me share a couple of projects from my professional journey that I'm particularly proud of.

As an experienced Product Manager, I've been in the driver's seat when it comes to working with various teams - from design and QA to developers - to put strategies into action. I'm well-versed in weaving in external APIs seamlessly.

I excel at task descriptions to guide teams. Agile principles, the Scrum/Kanban approach, and identifying business value are second nature to me. I'm attuned to UI/UX principles and have hands-on experience with prototyping tools.

Effective leadership and communication are my strong points, consistently yielding excellent outcomes. I'm familiar with Figma prototypes and have a grasp of analytical tools such as Google Analytics, Clarity, and Tableau, which fuel informed decision-making.

My journey has exposed me to various technologies within team settings, including PHP, node js, Solidity, React, Python, C++/CLI, Ruby, Swift, SQL, HTML, Java, Objective C, and flutter.
My experiences cover a wide variety of areas - mobile applications, SAAS projects, and CRM initiatives.

Eager to align my skills with your team's vision and enhance your product's appeal to customers.
Best regards, Zhanna